Exercise 2.2 -focal length and viewpoint

Both images below are taken with an Olympus E-30 fitted with the kit standard zoom 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6. This is a Four-Thirds camera, so the crop factor is 2.0, giving an effective focal length range of 28-84mm. Aperture-priority automatic mode, 1/13sec at f/5.6, ISO1600.

Images were shot in RAW to enable correction of colour balance (mixed fluorescent sources) in post-production. Global alterations were made in Lightroom to correct colour balance (4250K, +28 magenta, -10 vibrance) and to tweak exposure and contrast. There are no local variations, although my natural inclination would have been to add about -10 post-crop vignetting (temptation manfully resisted).


Focal length 42mm (84mm equivalent)


Focal length 14mm (28mm equivalent)

The wider image changes the perspective of the coloured balls (serendipitous), brings in the scoreboard (intended) and a lot more of the high-level background (unintended and undesirable). The perspective distortion (due to the closer viewpoint) has also made my model’s right knee too prominent in the image.