Jimmy Forsyth

Some images on Amber Side Gallery at http://www.amber-online.com/exhibitions/scotswood-road?show_all=true

Amateur photographer, having lost one eye in an industrial accident, Forsythe documented everyday life and scenes in Gateshead during a time of change.

Plans were in the air for knocking Scotswood Road down. When they knocked down the Infirmary in 1954 a curious crowd gathered to watch. It was then that I realised someone should make a record of what was left of the community. For posterity’s sake. I had nothing to do, why not make a record of Scottie Road to pass the time? It would show future generations what we looked like and how we lived. (pull-quote from “Scotswood Road” via Amber Gallery website)

Relevant to Square Mile assignment. Photographs show street scenes and overall views, wider than those I have looked at so far for this assignment. Posed portraits are a bit self-conscious but show a connection with the photographer. Several photographs of fires and road accidents.

For future reference, a full set of (40,000+) images is held by  Tyne and Wear Archives and Museum.

Wikipedia entry is useful starting point for links and references.

Books of interest:

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