Assignment 5 – rework

My tutor’s feedback on assignment 5 recommended reviewing and re-editing my choice of images. He had specific criticisms of prints 1 and 10, which I take on board, and more general comments on some of the others, where I differ, for reasons outlined in a previous post.

Having reviewed my long-list, I find that I have retained 7 of the images from my original set. Here are the changes:

My original image 1 (Peter loading boxes into the car) did not fit well with the rest of the sequence. I wanted to show some of the preparation and set-up, but also wanted another outdoor image, so image 4 (musicians) was not isolated. The right-hand picture (Clive posing with the ShelterBox display) becomes the new image 2.

My original image 5 shows a ‘different’ interaction (Clive describing ShelterBox to a customer) but it was the least clear of all the images in the set. I have replaced it with the right-hand image, showing customers ignoring collectors which complements image 3 of the original set.

My tutor considered my original image 10, showing money bagged-up after counting, to be unnecessary as image 9 showed coins being poured from one bucket to another. I disagreed as I consider it important to show that the collection was properly counted and accounted for (image 9 would have been too gung-ho as a final image) but I have selected another image from the counting, which focuses on the calculation and recording aspect.

All 10 images were reprinted on Permajet Oyster paper, which has a semi-gloss finish and is slightly contrastier than the original Portrait White, and were rebound between the original covers.


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