Assignment 5 -presentation and reflection

My tutor’s feedback after Assignment 4 suggested thinking more about how my work is presented. For Assignment 5 (where we are supposed to have a clear sequence of images) I have chosen to bind them into a book. Here it is.

OK, I confess, it is also something that I have been meaning to try for a while. This is a sidebound book, which is more appropriate for heavy paper pages than a folded book would be. Just for fun, I have covered it with used Christmas wrapping paper – to continue the Christmas theme.

Reflection – assessment criteria

Technical and visual skills: I am satisfied with my photographic technical skills. My book-crafting can best be described as ‘OK for a first attempt’

Quality of outcome: I believe I have identified the content, applied my knowledge of it and presented the  work in a coherent manner. Whether I have communicated my ideas is a judgement for the reader.

Creativity: This is fundamentally a documentary exercise, so there is little invention or imagination required. There was a fair amount of experimentation, to find a way to shoot the interaction images.

Context: Reflection occurred both during and after the shooting phase. Research is more difficult to define because I picked a familiar subject; effectively, I have been researching it for the past 3-4 years.


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