Assignment 5 – the first cut

I came away from the Rotary charity collections with 292 images and my first cut at editing has reduced them to 40. Some of the cuts were easy; I was in the band, so any images of performances were taken by other people. Others were more difficult.

I have also applied a first approximation post-production to all of the short-listed images. I have made mono conversions, then increased ‘clarity’ and opened-up the shadows in Lightroom. Contact sheets below.


I have made laser proofs of all 40 for final selection. They sort into six headings:

  • The band
  • Preparation
  • Individual Rotarians
  • ShelterBox
  • Interactions with the public
  • Dealing with the money

To reduce this to 10 images, to meet the brief, majoring on interactions, means using a maximum of two (and probably only one) from each of the other headings and losing a few favourites. For instance, the image from the band rehearsal room (seen in the previous posting) does not fit the narrative, and will have to go.

One unforeseen bonus that has come from this exercise is a growing confidence in ‘street’ or ‘candid’ photography. It helps that some of the people involved are my friends, but everything involving the public was unstaged.



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