Assignment 5 – getting into it

At  the time of typing this post, I am three days (out of four) into shooting Plan A, the Rotary tin-rattling exercise. With 250 images so far, I have got something for each of the topics on my list. Therefore, this will be the subject for assignment 5.

A few notes:

Presenting the images as monochrome is the correct approach. I have used three cameras, in a variety of natural and artificial light conditions, so reducing to mono allows me to present a set of images with a consistent ‘look’. The examples below are representative of what I have been taking, but are not necessarily the final choice or the final treatment.

Overall, the ‘feel’ of the set is a bit like a Picture Post photo essay. It is tempting to mock-up a double-page spread with captions, but I have done pastiche once during this course and I would not want to make a habit of it. The final form of presentation is yet to be determined, but I am still considering a photo book format.

There is an unexpected ‘topic’, allowing me to bring new information into the set. For two days there was a display of a ShelterBox, a Rotary project for providing basic human needs in disaster areas, which will appear in my final set.

The trickiest part, which I could not pre-plan (and do not want to stage-manage) is the interactions between tin-rattlers and the public. It is also the part where, unsurprisingly, I have most images. The interactions come in various forms (money thrown in passing, long chat, child choosing balloon) so I can legitimately use more than one, showing new information in each. For a proper balance, I will probably select 4-5 of this type, leaving 5-6 for preparation and closure.


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