Assignment 5 – more first thoughts

OK, Time to narrow it down. Of the ideas introduced in my previous posting:

I don’t think that a saxophone has enough interest to sustain 10 images, each introducing new information. Although the keywork has interesting details – producing 4-5 different-looking images is easy – they would all have the same concept.

A series on my accumulation of old cameras (not ‘collection’; that sounds too organised) carries the risk of repeating the typology approach that I used in Assignment 2, something which my tutor has warned me against. This can be avoided in part by shooting details, perhaps contrasting similar parts of different cameras (the controls of a Box Brownie are different in type, function and appearance from a Rolleicord, for instance). This would be ‘plan C’ and I see it as a studio-lit macro exercise.

A series on using a view camera is a distinct possibility, and is my ‘plan B’. There is a definite progression: introducing the kit, loading film into holders, lugging a big bag around on location, setting up the camera, setting up the shot (making sure it is one using movements in a definite way) developing the negative, scanning and printing. The final image would be a copy of the resulting print. The main question is whether to (a) do it as still-lifes, (b) set up a series of selfies or (c) use a model as photographer.

The local band rehearsing and gigging has attractions but, I fear it will founder on logistical issues given the 30th December deadline.

Plan A is to cover the Christmas tin-rattling exercise for local charities, which will be happening at a  supermarket over four days next week. The stages, or different aspects of the exercise include:

  • The core activity of the collections. Members in silly hats and uniform tabards, carrying balloons and buckets. Interactions with the public (remember to get permission for shots with children). Money going into buckets. Handing over decorated balloons.
  • The behind-the-scenes activity. Members signing-up for duty slots. Large pile of boxes of balloons in a garage. Setting-up on site. Picking up and counting at the end of the day.
  • Musicians playing carols, including rehearsal sessions.

This gives me scope for at least 10 decent images, starting with the carols rehearsal tomorrow. The main shooting will take place Thursday to Sunday, which gives me time for editing and post-processing (or changing over to plan B or C) before the deadline.

I envisage a monochrome set for several reasons. The backgrounds will be drab, and the weather dull; mono gives me the chance to play with contrast. There will be mixed lighting across the set; mono will give uniformity. Finally, mono will give a more ‘reportage’ feel to the exercise.


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