Thoughts at the start of Part five

You’ve now reached the final part of Expressing Your Vision and this is a good place to reflect on your progress through the course so far. (EYV course notes P100)

If you aren’t looking back at your old photos and cringing a little bit … you’re doing it wrong (CLICKittyCAT 2016)

Looking back at my first posting, in February, I see that I expected to be well outside my comfort zone. Certainly, I have been outside my comfort zone at times, but not ‘well outside’ – that may come with Part five and the final assignment (a brief that loose is scary).

The course has two threads, the exercises and the collateral research. It has to be said that the exercises of Parts one to three are distinctly mechanical and so was my response to them; ‘Camera Controls 101’ is not going to be a mystery to somebody who has been using cameras for about 45 years, but there were a few nice twists and it is useful to test for myself something that I have ‘always known’. Part four, where we start to look outside the camera and consider the light, is much more interesting and I think that shows in the way that I engaged with the exercises (several blog posts for each). Part five appears to be more critical, and I am looking forward to that.

I think I see a difference in approach to the assignments as I have progressed. My Assignment one ‘Square Mile’ was as safe and uncreative as it gets. By Part four, I am deliberately saying, ‘That is the usual way to do it, so that’s what I am not going to shoot’

The collateral research has pushed me into doing things that are foreign to me, such as visiting exhibitions and reading photography art books (as opposed to technique books), which has been partly self-directed and partly responding to the tangential questions that Matthew, my tutor, throws into the mix with his comments on coursework. At first, I was reticent in expressing opinions for fear of treading on some received orthodoxies and getting marked down. However, I have now taken on board the advice, ‘there are no right or wrong answers in a visual arts course’ (EYV course notes P72) I have started to express my opinions more confidently.

The final part of this course … turns the focus back to you, the photographer, and your point of view (EYV course notes P101)

Bring it on …


CLICKittyCAT (2016) Instagram photo by  [Online] at: (Accessed: 23 October 2016).

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