Assignment 4 – submission and reflection

These images are my final selects and response to assignment 4 – Languages of Light.

Contact sheets. Red-outlined images are my shortlist of 24. Final pics have a second, green outline.

Assignment notes are here

Reflection – assessment criteria

Technical and visual skills: I am fairly satisfied under this heading. The nagging doubt is that I encountered ‘out of gamut’ warnings when printing some of the images with very strong red and blue tones.

Quality of outcome: I have finished with a set of images that I am pleased with, and that work well together. My thought process has been described, almost at a stream-of-consciousness level, in blog postings and outlined in the assignment notes.

Creativity: I believe I have applied imagination, invention and experimentation to produce a set of images from something that most people would walk past, or over, with consciously noticing. Whether there is evidence of ‘personal voice’ is a matter for the reader.

Context: This is a set produced in response to a particular brief, to explore the beauty of artificial light, and I believe it answers the brief well.



4 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – submission and reflection

  1. This is my absolute favourite of all your assignments, Chas. Plus, my favourite out of all your shots made the final cut. Cool. The textures, the lines, the colours, the reflections–all of it–stunning. Also, love how the orange tones make the pavement/road seem almost metallic. My *only* critique (which is tiny miniscule and hardly worth saying) is the similarity of the last two shots… but, you know, potato/potahto.


    • Thank you. I think it is because Part 4 is where the course is beginning to ‘click’. Parts 1-3 were all a bit mechanical (Camera Controls 101) and so were my responses. Once we start looking outside the camera, at the light, it all gets much more open-ended.

      Point taken on the final images, although that is partly a function of displaying them in a 4×2 grid for the blog, rather than spreading them out at random on a table (a point to ponder on context). It was the set that worked for me this week. It may be that if I come back to my shortlist in a month’s time, I would choose something slightly different.

      Actually, it will be an interesting exercise. My camera club has a ‘panel of prints’ competition in February (panels of 3-6 images), so I will be doing a re-selection and reprinting for that.


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