Assignment 4 – whittling them down

The brief calls for 6-10 final prints. I shot 318 frames; here are the contact sheets:

Whittling-down proceeds by stages. First, eliminating the frames with irretrievable technical issues, mainly focusing or camera movement reduced the count to 228.

Next, having made the decision to concentrate on close-up reflections in wet pavements I can reduce the count to 100 frames. It is this set of 100 that I will be submitting with the assignment.

The ‘first cut’ on subjective criteria gave me a long-list of 36 images. At this stage I decided that, for consistency, I would present only landscape-format images, which eliminates another 12.

The next stage will be to work them all up, with a 3×2 crop (best fit on A4 with 25mm margins) and basic Lightroom adjustments then print out laser proofs for final selection.


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