Assignment 4 – initial thoughts

We are told to revisit one of exercises 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4 and prepare it for formal assignment submission, with particular reference to meeting the Creativity criteria for assessment.

I have chosen to revisit exercise 4.3, discovering and expressing the beauty of ambient artificial light because I think that is the one most likely to inspire some imagination and invention (and possibly a glimmer of personal voice). Exercise 4.2 leads to some rather ‘samey’ images and is at the mercy of the weather as it develops on the chosen day. Exercise 4.4, studio lighting, is completely under the photographer’s control so there is little scope for an element of surprise leading me in an unexpected direction.

Looking back at my London images (all 160 of them) having completed exercise 4.5,  I realise that they fall short on creativity. All are records of what was in front of the camera from an eye-level pedestrian viewpoint. I will, therefore be making a new set of images.

The new images will be of Maidstone town centre at night. Being only 10 minutes walk from home, it allows me to go out on impulse or to keep an eye on the weather.

Maidstone presents its own challenges, however. I will have to ‘find’ beauty in some rather utilitarian lighting. There is little of the gaudy display lighting that Shintaro has photographed, but I may be able to use working light for a civil engineering project currently in progress around the bridges, emulating Zachmann.

My intention, on my first exploration, will be to combine Luxemburg‘s close-up views with Brassaï‘s reflections in wet pavements. I will be shooting hand-held, for flexibility, exploiting the high ISO sensitivity of the K-1, looking for details of reflections in surfaces and puddles. Once I have located some interesting subjects, I may return with a tripod for long exposures. It will be interesting to see whether I can emulate Luxemburg’s ‘kind of alchemy’.


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