Exercise 4.5 – some ideas

Time to get creative with trees. OK, so we are looking for something different from the standard Google Image Search bobbly broadleaf against a few cumulus in a summer sky. The Creativity criteria include experimentation, imagination, invention and something called ‘personal voice’ (not defined but ‘you’ll know it when you find it’)

All of the images in this posting, and the next two, were made in Cambridge using a Pentax K-1 in aperture priority mode. Most were made with a 28-70mm f/2.8 standard zoom; some of the ‘wounded tree’ images were made with a 100mm f/2.8 macro prime.

My first thought was ignore the big picture and go for bark textures.

The next set zooms out a bit. The archetype image has trunk, branches and leaves, with the crown starting some distance above the ground. As a variation, I started looking at the suckers that grow at the base of the tree – and are a bit of an embarrassment in the standard view.

These images have some unusual graphic shapes. Some look distinctly runic. I found the most satisfying images are those taken in diffused light; full sunlight is contrasty and I found the shadows a distraction.

However, shadows are the whole point of the next set. I was looking for a way to evoke the presence of a tree without showing it in frame. These are shadows of a willow on a stone wall.

These images work for me, and tick the creativity boxes, but there is something missing. One further element is required to evoke a ‘sense of place’, and this is Cambridge. Therefore:



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