Exercise 4.5 – bury my heart at wounded tree

(with apologies to Dee Brown for the title)

In this posting, I have concentrated on a single damaged tree.


This gives me an interesting set of shapes and textures. The first set of images above show the larger picture. There is a fresh wound where the large branch has split away and the signs of an older, greyer wound at low level.

The new wound is a violent entry into the heart of the tree and this set of images concentrates on some of the shapes it has created. I deliberately oriented the two ‘arch’ images upright to emphasise the cathedral-like form. I also enjoyed the shapes around the ingrowing branch at the top.

Whereas in the old wound, we see how the tree protects and heals itself.

I then looked at the detail of the split and the fibres within it. This set is a sort of progressive view of ‘essence of tree’, as they are at successively larger scale; the final image is almost 1:1 macro. I particularly enjoy the third image, which has a feel of surf.

My favourite image from this series is below. It is sufficiently abstract to permit multiple meanings. The two things I see most often are a beetle and a frown. Reader, please tell me your impressions in a comment.