Exercise 4.2 supplementary – harsh light of day

This posting compares some of the previous images with a set taken on 12 August in full sunlight. The later images were shot in aperture-priority automatic mode with no exposure compensation

The two early-morning images have the same EV, because the garden is still mostly in shadow. The haze in the sunny image arises from evaporating dew, exacerbated by contre-jour lighting. There is a lot of contrast between sunlit and shadow areas.

By mid-day, the sun is at about 90 degrees on the right and casting very harsh shadows in the right-hand image. The blue sky in the right-hand image is darker than the cloud of the overcast. The most surprising aspect, to me, is that the EV values are very similar; in the left-hand image, the shadows are lighter than in the right-hand image because they are lit by reflected light.

By mid-afternoon, the sun is “over the photographer’s shoulder”; the shadow of the house is visible in the foreground. Shadows are still harsh but the direction of the light means that modelling shadows are less blatant than in  the images above. The sunlit areas are a larger part of the image, which is +2.5EV brighter than the August 1 image; this is also partly due to the thicker cloud cover on August 1, reducing overall light levels.


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