Ensign FulVue


The Ensign Ful-Vue was a popular post-war camera. This Mark II model was in production 1946-49 and there was an updated version 1950-53 with a plastic front plate and flash synch.

The camera is about as simple as it gets, tin-can technology with a meniscus lens and a ‘brilliant finder’. Fixed shutter speed and aperture (1/30 at f/11, give or take) so match the film to the weather conditions and rely on lots of latitude to get the exposure right-ish.

One interesting good point that I discovered is that, if you ask somebody to pose for a portrait, they can’t help smiling. The downside of simplicity is having to remember to wind the film on. However, sometimes an accidental double exposure can be interesting in it own right.

Double FulVueJul16 014

Mine cost less than a fiver on eBay, four years ago, but nowadays they go for £30-£50. If you are into the cynical marketing exercise called ‘lomography’, then get one of these rather than some overpriced Russian tat. It may be crap but, by Jingo, it’s British crap!

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