Assignment 3 – submission and reflection

It is with a certain amount of relief that I have finally completed Assignment 3 and got it safely into the post before the deadline. Here are the photographs and the assignment notes.

EYV ass 3 Decisive Moment analysis

The final task is to reflect and check my work against the assessment criteria.

Technical and visual skills

I am happy with the materials and techniques I used. My visual awareness was assisted by inside knowledge of what the competitors were doing, which enabled me to anticipate developing situations. I am satisfied with the design and composition of each image.

Quality of outcome

In concept and discernment, I was able to apply specialist knowledge as a sailor, as well as technical knowledge as a photographer. I have a clear understanding of what I want each image to say; it is for the viewer to judge whether I have succeeded.

Demonstration of creativity

The weak point of my response to the assignment. I have stayed very much within my comfort zone.


I believe that my research shows reflection and critical thinking about the concept of ‘the decisive moment’. I found good reason to dispute its popular significance, but I also dispute the idea that it is either irrelevant or a cliché. I have formed my own view that it is an important but slippery concept and, ultimately, has a circular definition..


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