Collecting • Drivetrains – submission and reflection

These are the assignment notes for ‘Collecting’

EYV ass 2 Collecting analysis

We are invited to reflect on the assignment, checking the work against the assessment criteria. This reflection is tricky; if I were not happy with my work, I would not be submitting it, so it is difficult to be self-critical.

Technical and visual skills

I am happy with my technical skills (materials and techniques), having been making photographs in one form or another for over 40 years, and some successes at club level in the past few years. The images are sharp and well-exposed, displaying well-balanced histograms.

I am less happy about my visual skills. However, this assignment seemed to design itself and the use of a typology grid lends a high-level organisation to the images.

Quality of outcome

Given the brief, it would be difficult not to be coherent in presentation ( the brief is designed to promote uniformity). I believe I managed to conceptualise my thoughts (choice of subject and approach) and communicate them.

Demonstration of creativity

I tried to show imagination by adopting the ‘none of the above’ option. My journey from concept to a rather different execution was a process of experimentation (and failure)


In developing this assignment, I forced myself to consider more deeply the concept of typologies and deadpan photography, than I had when reading the ‘deadpan’ chapter of Charlotte Cotton’s ‘The photograph as contemporary art’  and to appreciate it more. I already knew about the Bechers but discovered Tabuchi.

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