Collecting • first thoughts

The assignment is to create a set of photographs of a subject of my choosing (some examples are suggested), keeping most of the important variables constant. A constant focal length will give a constant angle of view; combining this with a constant viewpoint means that the size of the image field will also be constant. A constant aperture, combined with a constant focal length means that depth of field will be constant.

All of these constants mean that the images will have a lot in common. To avoid them being boringly identical, I need a subject with some variations.

I have decided to ‘collect’ bicycles. They have constant features (wheels, saddle, pedals) and some with variety (handlebars and frame shapes). There is a variation in size and in colours. For the next week, I will be staying at a Center Parcs, which means that I will be surrounded by parked bikes, in serried ranks in bike parks, or chained individually to fences and railings. If I cannot find enough material this week, there is a variety of bike parking arrangements near home.

I have an idea about the combination of focal length and viewpoint to use. However, the first part of the exercise will be to explore various combinations by way of reviewing and (I hope) confirming that idea.


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