Square Mile – final selection

These images are (reduced copies of) my final selection for the Square Mile assignment.

My Square Mile is the River Medway where it passes through Maidstone. The area encompasses the riverside paths and four bridges (one rail/foot bridge, two road bridges and a footbridge). Despite unpromising surroundings, a main road on most of one side and a trading estate on most of the other, it is well used as a leisure/recreation area. The river itself is used by pleasure-boaters, rowers and canoeists. The footpaths are used by joggers, anglers, dog walkers, swan-feeders and those just eating their lunches or walking from A to B. I have tried to cover most of the area and most of the activities.

The brief calls for 1500px images, suggesting the size of the old 5×3-inch enprints; I decided to go for a snapshot approach, using a snapshot camera. All photographs are shot on HP5+ film in an Olympus Trip 35.


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