Olympus Trip 35

This is my Olympus Trip 35, my tool of choice for the “Square Mile” assignment.

2 OlyTrip

This is the Volkswagen Beetle of the camera world, simple, rugged, reliable and built in vast numbers. Mine is one of the 5-million-or-so “classic” metal-bodied Trips with the 4-element glass 40mm lens (modified Tessar design). Selenium cell meter with rather crude electro-mechanical automation is “accurate enough” in conjunction with the exposure latitude of negative film.

Selected for “Square Mile” because the brief seems to fit a snapshot approach (1500px images equate to the old 5″x3″ enprint size of machine prints) and the use of the same focal length, same film and developing should give a consistent “look” to the final  images.

It is also the camera that I am using for February in my ’12 months, 12 cameras’ project.


Surprisingly, there is no entry in McKeown (I have the 2005-6 12th edition) but there is useful information on Camerapedia



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